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It all started with two ideas


Peter flirted with the idea of becoming a hut keeper in alpine territory and Barbara had thoughts about running a small guesthouse in a Brazilian favela.


Then our paths crossed. A common vision emerged: running a small guesthouse under not quite everyday conditions.


This finally brought us into the Centovalli on the Monte Comino. And that was perfect! The fire for our own mountain inn was definitely lit.


In the Capanna, Peter unites his longing for the mountains with his love of cooking and transforms this into his vocation.


With his years of experience in the financial sector and his technical background, he is responsible for the technical and financial success of the Capanna, besides running the kitchen.



Barbara is a free thinker. With the Capanna she has not only found a place where she can fulfil herself, but also a place where she can show her great enthusiasm and love for people.


With her knowledge of tourism and event management, she takes care of marketing and the hotel in addition to service.

Barbara Fot und Peter Heidelberger
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